Calex Filter
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Calex Filter Air Filter 

Fresh air is required for trouble-free driving. However, particles such as dust and soot enter the engine by being in the air. They cause wear on cylinders and pistons, resulting in reduced engine efficiency,

Calex Filter Oil Filter

Engine oil lubricates all moving and functional parts of the engine. The soot and particles formed in the combustion chamber mix with the engine oil and increase the viscosity of the oil.

Calex Filter Fuel Filter

What the engine needs above all is clean fuel. Fuel comes to the injection system or carburetor with the fuel pump.

Calex Filter Hydraulic Oil Filter

In order to create a high quality pressure, it is important to filter the unwanted particles in the hydraulic oil and to filter the oil that will create the necessary pressure under any conditions and conditions in order to ensure the healthy operation of the system.


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